February 5, 2023


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Essay: Exasperated, she wonders… by Akshaya Ganesh

1 min read

In this personal essay, Akshaya Ganesh explores life while taking a reader through various themes of adulting.

Veiled in divine magic, she lived in the land of strange dreams and infinite treasures. Her caramel skin glowed brighter breaking the darkness asunder. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds and her crimson-red lips curled into a smile that bled colors of ecstasy into the moonlit sky. The fragrance of her delicate tresses drifted through the air, blending with the scent of her body. She was a Goddess beyond the realms of definition, teasing the chords of every man’s heart. She was a beauty beheld, a beauty sought, and a beauty to behold. Little did her admirers know that beneath the cloaks of her ivory skin was a deeply wounded soul seeking excitement, chasing emotionally unavailable men but most of all, yearning for freedom – from what? Oh, well, she is searching for answers as well.

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