December 6, 2023


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Short Story: A Dream by Ghulam Mohammad Khan

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In this short story, Ghulam Mohammad Khan in his usual style creates a captivating narrative with intrigue and emotions running high throughout the story, leaving the reader on a high with the ending.

After a hectic day of work, I returned home to find the sky covered with dark clouds, and I could hear the ominous sound of thunder. As rain seemed imminent, I decided to take a moment to relieve on my lawn before taking some much-needed rest. While peeing, an unexpected sight captured my attention. A few brave ants had climbed up the blades of grass, trying to escape the rising tide of my pee, and their tiny bodies floated, seemingly swimming away from a potential flood. The sight saddened me, knowing that these tiny creatures were facing a challenge beyond their control. Feeling a pang of empathy for these resilient creatures, I couldn’t help but wonder about the scale of the storm they perceived in their own world. To them, it might have been an epic battle against the forces of nature. It made me reflect on the vast difference in scale between the stormy weather they were experiencing compared to my own perception of it.  

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