December 8, 2023


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Short Story: We shared Ma by Roxy Arora (Part 1)

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In this short story, Roxy Arora shares a poignant narrative capturing the essence of familial bonds between siblings and in tough times these bonds give us hope.


Brothers and Sisters.

‘Don’t be afraid.’ He said.

‘I’m here, always. Just believe.’

‘I do, Bhaiya.’ I whispered.


‘Why did Vikram call us to the hospital?’ I questioned Meena, my friend and fellow columnist at, ‘Delhi’s Aura.’ It was a magazine that struggled to stay afloat. Vikram was Meena’s cousin, and a nephrologist at a prominent hospital, in New Delhi. Meena had barged into my house, dragged me out of bed, unceremoniously, and we were now on the way to Vikram’s hospital. While Meena navigated traffic yet provided me with no explanation regarding the purpose of our trip.

‘Shantharam Chouhan’s son has been admitted under Vikram’s care. The boy has been diagnosed with end-stage, kidney failure.’ Meena finally mentioned.

‘I’m sure, ‘Shantharam Chouhan’ rings a bell?’ 

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