December 8, 2023


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Short Story: Fables About Animals by Evgeny Khvalkov

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Evgeny Khvalkov’s short story is a wonderful combination of fantasy and magical realism making it an enjoyable read.

Based on the cycle about Reynard the Fox

One day a Wolf and a Fox were walking in a field and saw a Donkey. Since they were very hungry, they decided to eat it. So, the Wolf says to the Donkey:

“Listen, big-eared, His Majesty the Lion, the King of beasts, has granted me the right to eat any animals that chew gum. So, you’re going to be my dinner tonight.”

“Wait,” said the Donkey. “His Majesty the Lion, the King of Beasts, has given me a safe conduct that prevents any of the beasts from eating me.”

“Where is it?” the Wolf asked, puzzled.

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