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Quarantine Poetry Series #3 I Safar Mei Dhoop To Hogi by Nida Fazli (Urdu)

The poem “Safar mei dhoop to hogi” by Nida Fazli has been recited for Kitaab by Arva Rangwalla, a Singapore-based actor.

A pandemic thriller, once rejected by publishers, is now getting a wide release: CNN

LockdownWhat happens when a once-rejected dystopian novel turns into reality?

The Scottish author Peter May, a screenwriter-turned-novelist, wrote a book titled “Lockdown” in 2005 about a global pandemic. Fifteen years later, that’s our reality due to coronavirus.

The book, which was rejected by publishers at the time for being too unrealistic, was finally published recently, reported CNN.
Peter MayAccording to the report, the thriller is set in London, the epicenter of a global pandemic that forces officials to institute a lockdown. May used British and US pandemic preparedness documents from 2002 to make it was as realistic as possible. “At the time I wrote the book, scientists were predicting that bird flu was going to be the next major world pandemic,” May told CNN.