Deepti Naval opens up a treasure trove of stories

Ipshita Mitra reviews Deepti Naval’s ‘The Mad Tibetan’ in the Times of India

‘The Mad Tibetan’ is an emotional read. Every story hides a story within. The narrator throws us into a spool of unspoken truths about her protagonists and helps us navigate through multiple time frames to get closer to the characters and their lives.

Choosing death over life
One of the most poignant stories in this collection is ‘Ruth Mayberry’ and Deepti, in reinterpreting the life of her screenplay writer friend has sensitively portrayed how extreme neglect and frequent rejections push an artiste to an abyss of isolation and grief. How fair is it to answer the call of death and bid adieu to a life that apparently offered no hope? “Choosing death is no solution, romancing life is a choice. Ruth was a dear friend and we shared a deep bond. She was slowly losing her vision and had nothing to look forward to. It was as if her mind was working but the body had given up. After her death, I tried to look for her unpublished screenplay ‘Memoir’ but I could not,” says the author who sincerely wanted the world to know, see and read about Ruth’s work but her written words were lost.

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