The bestselling writer who ‘cannot read’

Ravinder Singh“I hardly read books,” says Ravinder Singh, India’s newest pinup boy of mass-market fiction. “I cannot read. If I do pick up a book, it takes me three or four months to finish it.”

It is a hot evening, but Ravin—as his fans call him—does not seem to mind. He stirs his tea, takes a sip and smiles. “I am an author by chance.”

A writer who does not read is an oddity. Unlike in the film-world, where not watching movies could be interpreted as a sign of genius, writers tend to be voracious, even obsessive readers. So, if you don’t read, you may get labelled as arrogant, or worse, boorish. But Ravin, even if he does refer to himself in the third person, is neither. He is part of the new writers’ world, most of them MBA types, equipped with functional English and clear fundas about how to get their books read and with no baggage of being a writer or a reader. They write because they have a story to tell. And, Ravin is one of the biggest names of this new breed.

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