‘Heartbreak’: Arundhati Roy’s reaction to the Tarun Tejpal sex case

The same people who are outraged at what happened with Tarun Tejpal and his young colleague are not outraged by what is happening systematically in militarised areas like Manipur, Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, says novelist and activist Arundhati Roy in a BBC interview.

arundhati_roy“The fact is that what has been alleged against him (Tarun Tejpal) is a pretty serious crime and you do have to admire the fact that a young colleague did have the courage to stand up and say what happened to her which isn’t normally the case.

“Yet, because of what happened in the [Delhi] gang rape last December, there is a lynch mob that is howling in a maximalist way. I think what we miss is a real addressing of the problem. On the one hand we are talking about sexual harassment, molestation and rape being a phenomenon which very many women go through. Is this media hysteria going to address the problem?”

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