September 23, 2023


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Yiyun Li takes on evil in “Kinder Than Solitude”

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Though born in Beijing Yiyun Li writes English better than most native writers. She talks about her new book, her childhood, and the darkness of humanity: The Daily Beast

KinderthansolitudeYou’re living in Oakland, married, with two young sons, writing, and teaching at University of California at Davis. How do you manage this juggling act?

Once I asked Marilynne Robinson how she managed to be a writer with two sons, she said, “Just wing it.” I like to think my life has three parts at the moment: family, writing, and public life (including teaching and other obligations). The best-case scenario, of course, is for the three parts to be separate, and if one part is troubling me (for instance, writing is not going well), I can always move to another part (there is the dinner to cook).

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