Two poems by SK Kelen


Golden Storms

Heed tales of heroes
who fell off the earth—
eaten by their dragons.
Time to make faith
with common sense,
live and no longer be
dangerous, know Golden Storms
&other poems fulfil a function
save the world another day,
hope, perhaps, for your loves
alone. Empty the mind—
exult the profound kitchen,
wash the dishes transcendence
transcend dance is enough


Revenge: A Mystic’s Guide

Friendly approach: Nature and Anger
provide and who you’d like to
take care of themselves. Be practical:
fire a flaming spirit-arrow,
point a bone, skin a live rat (dream karma)
do a cherry dance, hold a heart
in your hands. Use the telephone, a doll,
pins and needles, harness lightning
and the powers of television. Better still
remember to live well, powered by
Justice and serving them up cold.
Laughter and not hurting anybody,
a quiet sleep and the next day, peace.
Be kind when cruel, make it sweet.

One of Australia’s leading poets, S.K. Kelen is widely traveled in Asia. His New and Selected Poems: Earth Island was published in 2012.

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