Tamil publishing continues to struggle in the age of digital

Writing for The Hindu, Lakshmi Krupa says: “Think Tamil literature. Think rich texts. We know we carry with us a treasure trove from our past, from the Sangam period to the works of Kalki, from Thirukkural to the works of bhakti saints…but what of our present and the future? Even as poets continue to push the boundaries finding ways to give voice to their struggles, Tamil fiction is a trickier proposition, say publishers.”

For example, as Badri Seshardi of New Horizon Media told The Hindu, “There are three scenarios currently in which Tamil fiction works. First is historical fiction which continues to sell well year after year. Here we see constant demand pouring in for Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan. Then there are writers Sandilyan and Balakumaran. Second, when an author wins the Sahitya Akedmi award, there is a demand for his/her work – provided it’s rightly priced. The following month when we have the Chennai Book Fair we can definitely see close to 1,000 copies more. In general, Tamil publishing scene, for a long time now nothing new has been working in fiction.”

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