Review: The Blind Lady’s Descendants by Anees Salim

With exquisite humour and language that sparkles, Anees Salim surpasses himself: The Hindu

BlindLadyThe blind lady makes her appearance on page 100.

Does blindness run in her family? The protagonist’s memoir, his farewell note, his chronicling of family woes, call it what you will, it’s probably the last thing he’ll ever write.

Because it’s all written, already enacted by a doppelganger from the previous generation and even the end has been foretold through coded warnings from that man’s life. Like the blind grandmother who listens and forms her own opinions (often cruelly misguided by her family), everyone stumbles along, earnestly plotting out a future that has nowhere to go.

His mother, he says, drove nails into the front door to ward off bad luck.

“Bad luck, then, must have come in through the back door.”

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