Book Launched on Little India Riot in Singapore

Ahead of the first anniversary of Little India riot in Singapore, a book has been launched recalling the worst street violence in the country in 40 years.

Titled Riot Recollections, the book has interviews of 30 people who witnessed the violence on December 8 last year, sparked by a fatal accident involving an Indian national.

Photographer Zakaria Zainal roped in local writer Prabu Silvam to put together the 80-page book on the riot in which 54 police and security officers were injured and 23 emergency vehicles were damaged as street violence broke out amidst some 300 migrant workers in Little India.

Eight civilians were also hurt in the riot, according to the book.

While the book is not a blow-by-blow account of the riot, Zakaria hopes the personal stories would resonate with readers.

“People tend to remember only the images of the burnt or overturned ambulances, but humans were involved too and we wanted to unearth the stories that probably never made it to print,” The Sunday Times quoted Prabhu, 25, who works with a publishing firm.

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