Dripping With Romance

Shamsur Faruqi’s fiction will transport you to a resplendent cultural and literary past, says Pradyot Lal in Tehelka

shamsur RahmanThe sheer depth will overwhelm you — for what you are reading is a graphic, beautiful, melancholic and serene account of an age gone by. Trust Shamsur Rahman Faruqi as he takes you through the  of the 18th century, the much-favoured land of the poet Mir Taqi Mir. The ace raconteur and a celebrated literary critic that he is, Faruqi will surely transport you to a realm that will, with deft and languid ease, provide you with vignettes of the author’s homeland, which he clutches as possessively as a young Mir could be clutching a bundle of papers, wandering the haunting alleys on long winter nights.

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