Rohan Murty debuts at Jaipur Literature Festival

The Murthys are Rajasthan-bound this January as the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) 2015 plays host to Infosys’s first family. The company’s co-founder Narayana Murthy will be speaking at the festival, along with wife Sudha and son Rohan.

While Sudha Murty has participated in JLF before, this will be the first time that the senior Murthy and son are involved.Both father and son will launch the Murty Classical Library of India (MCLI) at JLF, held between January 21-25.

The Harvard University Press will publish the titles, which are likely to be The History of Akbar, Volume 1 (or Akbarnama) by Abu’l-Fazl, Sufi Lyrics by Bulleh Shah, Therigatha: Poems of the First Buddhist Women, The Story of Manu by Peddana, Allasani and Sur’s Ocean: Poems from the Early Tradition by Surdas.

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