Literature has been poisoned: M Mukundan

Citing the occurrence of poisons in vegetables, novelist M Mukundan said that even literature is adulterated. He said that labs could identify poison in vegetables, but it was very difficult to isolate it in literature. He was speaking after inaugurating a remembrance meeting of noted litterateur Uroob by the Uroob cultural committee here. He added that the ‘poison’ is more in poetry and novels, while in short stories it was not that extensive.

Mukundan remembered that he had met Uroob for the first time in Delhi at a cultural gathering. That acquaintance grew into an emotional bond, he said. One day, Uroob predicted that Mukundan would get the Central Sahitya Academy award. However, that prediction was flawed and someone else got it. ‘ I came to know that awards, like planes, also get hijacked,’ he said.

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