L’Affaire Marlon James: ‘This is why I don’t attend literature festivals like JLF

You cannot judge a person by the way he or she writes. What a person is on paper and ink too often is very different from what he or she is in flesh and blood: The Indian Express

On Thursday, Booker Award winning author Marlon James had a taste of Indian airports at less than their best. As many of us are prone to doing these days, he poured his heart out on Facebook. And unleashed a fair bit of hell, and thanks to a rather liberal dosage of the ‘f’ word, made for less than pretty reading. One could understand the reason for his frustration, of course. Anyone who has had a dose of airport authorities at their intransigent best will empathise with the author. The problem is that not too many will empathise similarly with the language used or the sarcastic “Nice first impression, India” which smacks of petulance. This was not the man whose sensitivity moved the world in A Brief History of Seven Killings, but an irritated mortal, and worse, a slightly spoilt celebrity.

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