Two poems by Pijush Kanti Deb


A New Idea and The Watchman

To come to light,
a newly conceived ideal idea
seems to be scared and hesitated,
its unabated peeping
from the womb to light
for watching a through pass
leading to a benevolent home-
wherein a hidden reformer waits
to welcome and use it
in blooming the smiles in the gloomy faces,
seems to be caused by
an undead robot- the watchman,
made of non-sticky metal-
untouchable to any prayer or importunity
standing just as an impenetrable wall
in front of the entrance
along with its ghostly gesture
and well ambidextrous too
in showing its reluctance to any new idea-
willing to enter the home
and to any sharp reformation
deserving universal sympathy and support
causing the raising heads and hands
against its own and its programmer’s existence…..


Oiling The Stars

Maybe, the raising head
touches the moon or the mars
and the race between the man and the God
reaches its competitive climax
in extending or sustaining their own greatness,
yet, something like an extempore speech
or the building of a sweet home
needs oiling the stars to be favorable
in converting the heterogeneous
into the homogeneous,
reshaping the implicit into the explicit
and enlarging dictatorship into democracy
in the hunting of honey for all.
Otherwise, a glass of hemlock is ever-ready
to give the last shelter
to the unfortunate speaker or builder.

Hailing from Assam, India, Pijush Kanti Deb has more than 180 published poems and haiku to his credit in more than 50 national and international poetry magazines and journals, such as  Tajmahal Review, Pennine Ink, Hollow Publishing, Creativica Magazine, Muse India, Poetry Pacific, Teeth Dream Magazine and so on. At present he is working as an Associate Professor in

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