November 28, 2022


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The Lounge Chair Interview: 10 Questions with Sharbari Z. Ahmed

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by Farah Ghuznavi

Sharbari AhmedLet’s get down to brass tacks. Why do you write?

I write because I have to. It’s for creative outlet, mental and spiritual health, to bear witness to the time I am living in and to share with the world at large.

Tell us about your most recent book or writing project. What were you trying to say or achieve with it?

I am working on a few things at once. This past year was mostly about a show called Quantico and I contributed to that as a writer who has been tasked with bringing another artist – Josh Safran’s – vision to the world. Which by the way is a very interesting way of sharpening one’s skills. I have written a new short story – it’s a ghostly story, well it’s a story about being haunted by trauma, and in it I explore how a victim disassociates herself from her trauma and the after math of that. I use Bengali ghost stories about Djinns and superstitions to do it. I don’t have a message in anything I write. I just want to use story to explore the human psyche.

Describe your writing aesthetic.

Lord, I have no idea how to do that. If I have to I would say I am a realist.

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