India’s Culture Ministry Wants To Grade Writers And Artists On Their Popularity

The grading will determine whether they can participate in an event: Huff Post

The Ministry of Culture has come up with an absurd policy.

According to an Indian Express report, the culture ministry has decided to rate artistes and writers across the country. The ratings will determine which events they will be sent to.

The grading has already begun.

Under a pilot project, the ministry has already graded 185 artists into three categories — O (outstanding), P (promising), W (waiting), the report said.

The ministry has issued a notice saying only “applicants placed in the Outstanding and Promising Categories will be selected for participation” in festivals.

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Minister of State for Culture Mahesh Sharma told The Indian Express that the idea is to create a comprehensive profile of all personalities in the field of culture — a definitive cultural directory — and rank them as per their “popularity, age and experience”. They will then be “sent to various events as per their grading”, said Sharma.

Culture ministry officials say that such a ranking would ensure “fairness in participation of artistes at various events” and help in “fixing their honorarium”.

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