Penguin unfolds ‘Season of Stories’

By Rituparna Mahapatra

Storytelling could have never been more interesting. The brilliant minds at Penguin have come up with a novel idea to sprinkle our lives and emails with a pixie dust of interesting tales.The stressful office emails can take a back seat

Their goal is to make your inbox a better , happier place- one story at a time.

Beginning October 11th, till December , they will email eleven fiction stories directly to you. All you have to do is sign up for it, which is very simple. You just have to provide your email id. You’ll receive a fragment of a story, one day at a time , till the full narrative wraps up just before the weekend. The stories are free and are exclusively available only on emails. If you have registered late , not a problem ; they provide you with a catch-up link, with a note : The catch-up link will expire every Saturday at midnight EST. From then on, the story will live only in your memory (and in your email).

Every week, a Penguin Random House author will be featured , including award-winning and best-selling authors like Anthony Marra, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Adam Johnson.

Today , I received my first installment of these stories named “Juliet” by Elizabeth McCracken, author of “Thunderstuck & Other Stories”.

Its about a strange library where all kinds of people come, and there are all kinds of creatures in it .

Amongst them, a bunny called ‘Kaspar’ , who the writer says probably prays every night to turn into the friendly ghost ‘Casper’ to escape the torment of the children coming in every day to the library. The use of imagery is magical, and the narrator effortlessly transports you into her world. The excitement begins when on a Monday, a mysterious woman named Juliet, who is in her late twenties appears. It seems something terrible is about to happen to her , as she ‘clutched a book in her hand in such a way that it looked like a knife she was prepared to use on herself’….the momentum builds up and the story becomes more intriguing.

To know what happens to her , I have to wait for my next mail…

Reading had never become so thrilling before…

Kudos to the brains at ‘Season of Stories’.

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