I write about action, adventure. Don’t tell me I write like a man: Krishna Udayasankar


I’m told every now and then, that I write action and adventure “like a man”.

It is mostly meant as a compliment by readers who’ve thoroughly enjoyed my books and want to let me know it, and over time, I’ve learnt to take it as such.

Still, there is that moment’s hesitation as I vacillate between saying a “thank-you” that I don’t really feel, or meeting the statement head-on to confront a gender inequality issue that isn’t really the issue at hand.

By the time I’ve decided which side of the standing-up-to-misogynist language vs taking-things-too-seriously fence I want to be on, it is too late for witty repartees and so, after an awkward pause and an embarrassed smile, I turn the conversation to the weather, or (hopefully) the starters that have just been served.

All is then well with the universe, but I know it’s only a matter of time before I hear the same thing again.

If you’re wondering what the big fuss is, I’m going to assume that you haven’t yet had the chance to read one of my books. Which means, you need to take it on faith and faith alone when I say that I’m actually quite good at carnage – writing carnage, that is.

I’m also more than decent at adventure. And I am fairly good at drawing up both gory physical torture sequences and hallucination horror.

My first three books – The Aryavarta Chronicles series – had grand battle-scenes with hundreds of gruesome cadavers. My latest book, Immortal, has some pretty chase sequences, gunfights, explosions, not to mention multiple close combat scenes – all of which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. Read more