Singapore Writers Festival opens this weekend

In its 19th edition, running from November 4 to 13, the Singapore Writers Festival, a multilingual and international gathering of writers, poets, artists and musicians, brings this notion of sayang to the literary forefront, begging readers and writers alike to ponder this fleeting tenderness together.

Originally founded as a biennial festival in 1986, the Singapore Writers Festival became an annual festival in 2011 showcasing the best Southeast Asian literary talents. With each passing year, the festival organisers strive to include a greater diversity of both Singaporean and Southeast Asian writers in addition to highlighting the literary achievements of artists around the globe.

“The Singapore Writers Festival has become known for its eclectic and inclusive programming and being a place for an exchange of ideas,” said Singaporean poet and Singapore Writers Festival director Yeow Kai Chai. “We continuously make a concerted effort to invite writers from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and who have differing points of view on various topics.” Read more