India: 12-year old girl from Madurai authors book of short stories

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After  authoring a book of short stories and making two short films, 12-year-old E Reflin of Madurai added another feather to her cap by authoring a novel titled The Venturesome Seven (The Tale of Mystery). This book may be pre-ordered at Amazon between November 3 and 17. It will be published on November 18.

Reflin, a sixth-grade student at a private school, has authored Restless Birds, a collection of stories, and made two short films, Oxygen (animation) and Dust.

“I don’t work at a specific time. I let it come to me naturally. Whenever I find a development in my novel, I begin writing,” said Reflin, commenting about her working pattern, or rather the lack of it. About how she balanced school activities and her writing, she said, “I concentrate on studies during school time, and I write at other times.” “It took six months for me to complete writing the novel which runs into 114 pages (108 pages makes a novel) and revolves around seven characters including three boys, three girls and a dog. Read more


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