Book Review: Singapore Love Stories, edited by Verena Tay


Singapore Love Stories is a collection of seventeen short stories, from Singaporean and Singapore-based writers. The anthology is edited by local author Verena Tay, who contributed “Ex”, while Australian expat author Raelee Chapman, who contributed “The Gardener”, is credited as “anthology coordinator and compiler.”

All the stories are commendable for having a strong sense of place: not one of them is so generic that it could be set elsewhere, and some of them address situations that could not arise at all in places less racially, and economically, diverse than Singapore.

Editors of themed anthologies linked to place, presumably assume that the experience of the theme in the place is different from the experience of the theme elsewhere, and also that by linking the theme to the place, something new can be said  about both the theme and the place:  in this case, that love as experienced in Singapore is different from love experienced anywhere else, and that by linking love to Singapore, new things can be said about Singapore, and about love, that most endlessly filleted of emotions. Read more