Rammala Library: A Lighthouse of Undivided India

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By Emran Mahfuz

After its founding, Dr Rashmohan Chakravarty and Mahesh Chandra Bhattacharya himself worked to expand it further. Many of the manuscripts were donated by local families who gave up their home libraries on the eve of the British colonial period for the sake of preserving them.

This Rammala Library is enriched with 12,000 printed books and 8,500 hand-written books on literature, culture, history, geography, philosophy, religion and other branches of knowledge. The collection of hand-written books (manuscript) is mostly the literature of Medieval Period and from the early modern period (roughly 1700-1900 AD).

Furthermore, this library preserves rare Bangla magazines. One can find here the issues of Prabasi, Shanibarer Chithi, Mauchak, Purbasha and the like that are not available in any other libraries. There is an incomparable collection of books on comparative religious theories here. Read more

Source: The Daily Star



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