Book Review: This story of star-crossed lovers set in Pakistan is a must read

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UK-based Pakistani author Nadeem Aslam’s sixth novel, set in contemporary Pakistan, is a story of love set in a world beset with sectarian violence.

Nadeem Aslam never disappoints his readers and the characteristic features of his novels – vividly beautiful, lucidly painful and yet surprisingly convincing – tend to leave a lasting impression.

It was this overwhelming sense of reverence for the Pakistan-born author that led one to flick through this brilliant novel, which combines realism and fable in a tale that is exhilarating as it counters despair with hope.

The Golden Legend is a thrilling novel and carries more realism than meets the eye. Just like “the spring of hope” and “the winter of despair” that Dickens mentioned in the opening paragraph of A Tale of Two Cities, Aslam’s fantastic work seems to reverberate with paradoxes and yet sounds surprisingly convincing. Read more

Source: Hindustan Times


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