Book Review: New novel explores Chinese culture, beliefs

By Virginia Denucci


I’ve been a huge fan of Lisa See ever since I read “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.” I was looking forward to reading her new novel, “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane,” and it did not disappoint.

See certainly knows how to tell a fascinating story about women, while educating her readers about a small part of the Chinese culture: Her latest novel is about the Akha minority and the culture of Pu’er tea. I devoured this absorbing story.

Li-Yan was born into a tea-growing family in a small, obscure mountain village within the Yunnan Province of China, far beyond modern influences. Working daily to care for the sacred tea trees, then picking and cultivating rare Pu’er tea leaves, barely provided enough money for the ethnic mountain families to survive. Read more

Source: Explore Steamboat