How much does a writer need to survive?


Money, money, money!

How much is a writer paid?

In an article in The Guardian, we are told : “Based on a standard 35-hour week, the average full-time writer earns only £5.73 per hour, £2 less than the UK minimum wage for those over 25. As a result, the number of professional writers whose income comes solely from writing has plummeted to just 13%, down from 40% in 2005.”

So, writing does not pay. Then why do writers write?

In a blog  at The Writing Cooperative, money or fame is not listed as a reason for writers to write. And yet, in a real world, writers cannot survive without money. 

But contradictions exist.

Here is a story about a man, a poet, a revivalist who earlier was brought in to a university by no less than the third President of India Dr Zakir Hussain. He now lives in dire poverty, deprived of all benefits.

“A few years ago his story had grabbed headlines after the Social Welfare Department of South Delhi in 2013 had declared him dead following which he was deprived of his Rs 1,500 per month pension…” (Rs 1500 is US$24 to US$25 a month or £18 per month.)

This man is called Asrar Jamayee. He had been awarded by first Indian President Dr Rajendra Prasad. Besides …. he has also been the guest of former President APJ Abdul Kalam, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and many others.

Watch a video recording and read more of his story by clicking on this link.


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