February 1, 2023


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Short Story: Of Carambolas and Maruti by Shouvik Banerjee

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This short story by Shouvik Banerjee is a poignant take on the little moments of life which make it beautiful.

Much to the inconvenience of billions who leaned on him for support, God had decided to take the day off. When his two secretaries huffed and puffed their way to his bedroom, they found him snoring without a care for the world. After desperate knocks on the door, he awoke and sleepily said, “I won’t work today; I have decided to take the day off.” And having said so, he slammed the door on their faces.

Decided to take the day off! They thought and stared at the blank faces of each other. 

S1: “What do we do now?” 

S2: “Who will take control of the master room?” 

S1: “Who will solve all the problems, from placing food in the hands of the hungry to providing water to the thirsty?” 

S2: “And who will reply to all the prayers and offerings?” 

The two were in a deep dilemma.

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