October 4, 2023


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Short Story: Stranded by Sarker Hasan Al Zayed

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couple holding hands in a forest

Photo by jakub on Pexels.com

In this short story, Sarker Hasan Al Zayed narrates a moving tale of two souls caught in the storm of life and its desires.

She rinsed her mouth with water and then began brushing her teeth slowly. The fishy smell clung on until the toothpaste, foamy and mouthful, drove it away. The air felt stuffy. She mopped up the sweat from her forehead by pulling up her kameez and took a deep breath. How would she break it? How would he take it? He was still in bed, with his eyes closed and lungi loosely tucked above his waist, his bony legs on display. Is he thinking of something? Or just resting?

Once done with her ritual, she curled up in bed, facing him. She could smell him, his sweat and breath. ‘What you thinking?’ she asked. He didn’t answer but pulled closer to her.

‘You hungry?’

‘Nope. You?’

‘A little.’

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