October 2, 2023


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Short Story: Two States of Schizophrenia by Haris Dainpos

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This short fictional story by Haris Dainpos is about a girl who is suffering from schizophrenia and locked in-between her two worlds, one world which is the reality and other world based on her hallucinations.

Sparkling mint fresh layer of the lake,

Reflecting blue sky and timber flakes,

It was a heaven once she used to relish,

Into the dark she is going to perish.

There are birds quite milky in colour,  with long beaks shaped like a plier, hovering to try their luck. It is quite  ferocious to see them hunting, every time they catch a fish, I feel it on my nerves. So mostly, in the presence of nature, I intend my mind to cover the anxiety with closed eyes and to the intoning songs that sound quite similar to a flute voyaging out of the dark bushes of the forest.

It is a bright summer day and I am waiting for my friends on a lake side, located on the outskirts, at the border of an uphill forest. A routine since our childhood, on every Saturday we meet here to play around nature. Nazima is an Arabic name meaning ‘poetess’ but I don’t quite like it , I possibly like something that will relate me to a female sovereign, kind of Izabella or Elizabeth. I don’t like being silent either, it scares me, to a dark predominant silence, forever. To avoid the darkness in my life I talk a lot , with everyone around me, I talk to the birds, the small bugs climbing the walls of my room, butterflies roving across the colorful gardens, waving plants that chant with the whistle of hovering breeze.

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