October 18, 2021


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Kitaab releases new anthology, Singapore at Home: Life across Lines

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Singapore at Home

Kitaab has just released a new anthology, Singapore at Home: Life across Lines edited by Pallavi Narayan and Iman Fahim Hameed.

Stories from this volume offer a rare glimpse into the lives of a diverse cross-section of the island-state’s residents, and invite us into their most intimate space—home.  Immigrants, migrants, expats, settled generations bring us into their bedrooms, balconies, kitchens and other spaces, their heartaches, traumas, dreams and desires. In so doing, they reshape their life experiences and their relationships with those whom they share their home.

The writers featured in this anthology include Isha B., Azeena Badarudeen, Ilya Katrinnada Binte Zubaidi, Arathi Devandran, Dia Feng-Lowe, Surinder Kaur, Ken Lye, Cecilia Mahendran, Gargi Mehra, Kalpana Mohan, Clara Mok, Payal Morankar, Vanessa Ng Q.R., Rolinda Onates Española, Anna Onni, Anjali Patil, Ranjani Rao, Aparna Das Sadhukhan, Euginia Tan, Audrey Tay and Phyllis Wong.

“A rare glimpse behind the politely but firmly closed doors of the Singaporean heartland, distinguished by its gathering of resident voices across nationalities, ethnicities and creeds,” said Alvin Pang, Ph.D., Poet and Editor, praising this remarkable anthology.

“These stories pack a punch by unpacking familiar themes through intimate scenes and surprising scenarios, regularly hitting too close to home,” remarked Cyril Wong, PhD, Poet & Fictionist, in appreciation of this this volume.

Felix Cheong, Poet and 2000 Young Artist Award (Literature), National Arts Council Singapore, found the anthology “a delightful mix of stories about home, homecoming, homing in on distances that build and separate us.”

Kindle version of this anthology is now available globally. The paperback edition will be available for ordering on Amazon and Kitaabstore.com by mid July. You can pre-order your copies (paperback edition) at kitaabstore.com now.

About the Editors

Pallavi Narayan has worked in academia and book publishing in Singapore and India. She is a PhD in Literature and holds a Diploma in Creative Writing.

Iman Fahim Hameed has worked in academia in Singapore, is pursuing her MSc in Public Health, reports on global health issues for a UK-based charity, and writes poetry and vignettes.

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