February 6, 2023


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Short Story: The Mother Earth – Anjusha Kappat Balu

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Anjusha Kappat Balu’s short story is a reply to the disgusting silence over the stinking greedy desires of human race that destroy its natural habitat. This is what differentiates a human being from all the other living beings on earth.

Sahir had a very specific reason to choose Garuda Driving School’s yard for today’s tests. This was because the path towards the yard was as narrow as the way to his house. If deviated by an inch, the vehicle would get stuck there. A Ford Endeavour had already been arranged in the morning. The one who smoothly drives it through this narrow path will be shortlisted as number one for the vacant driver post.

There was already a grumble among the folks over the purchase of a car at the cost of the paddy fields in Keezhangadi and one and a half acres of property in Mannarkkadu. To those who openly asked him about it, he said;

” Aren’t these pathways and roads already been frayed by walking men and rolling wheels ?? I’m gonna make a bit wider path…… Bigger the car, bigger the cost.”

The elders walked through the narrow ways had cautioned him that his Umma and Bappa would weep from heaven over his Karma and murmured, ” He can’t see the ground below his huge potbelly…. but he wanna make new roads….!!!

Since he never thought of the dead kith and kin,  he never heard their cries from above.

” Aren’t there hundreds of young men and women in this village those who don’t even have ten rupees to raise their families! Why can’t you hire from among them instead of stupidly importing”

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