September 29, 2023


Connecting Asian writers with global readers

Short Story: To Murakami and Being God Again! by Nandana K

1 min read

Nandana K’s short story is a heart-warming narration of the journey from a reader to a writer and of falling in love with the written word.

Avarah had his second ever identity crisis in the fifth grade. As he stared at the brutal scratches and circles that his English teacher had left on his first composition work, he was forced to re-evaluate everything. 

Their teacher told them, “Language helps create but it comes with a rulebook.”

Avarah’s teacher taught them to decode the strange markings she had left on their creations. Then she taught them some more. Nouns and verbs, conjunctions and prepositions, paragraphs. punctuation. The right way to spell ‘colour’ and ‘realise. Omitted letters and ‘z’ in place of ‘s’ were traits of the English’s savage cousins, Americans. They were told to be better.

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