December 5, 2023


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Book Review: Sonnet Mondal’s ‘An Afternoon in My Mind’ (Copper Coin Publishing, 2022)

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Poet and Critic Gopal Lahiri reviews Sonnet Mondal’s ‘An Afternoon in My Mind calling it a lyrical attempt to stitch past moments

  • Author: Sonnet Mondal
  • Publisher: Copper Coin, Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR
  • Price: INR-499/-
  • ISBN:978-93-84109-78-3

Perhaps more than most genres, poetry depends on its power on the precision of words and language. ‘An Afternoon in My Mind’, the sixth collection of poems by Sonnet Mondal, explores the past where words and language seem to perform the void, the precise rhythms, and images, simile, and metaphor. It translates the known into surreal, it speaks past life, and it airdrops nuances. The language, the music, the movement of thought- all roll into a kind of rescuing from coldness, bringing warmth and melodies, passing allure and spectacle.

What is fascinating about this collection is that it has a dignity that honours the past without indulging in any overflow of personal feelings. Dignity is an interesting quality in a poet. Sonnet’s authentic, reined-in passions are stirring. His impressive previous collection ‘Karmic Charming’, showed a poet who already understood that you did not need to be attention-seeking to deserve consideration.

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