March 26, 2023


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Short Story: P.C. Joemon and Sheila Chacko Look for Purpose in a Balcony by Donna Abraham Tijo

1 min read

Donna Abraham Tijo’s story is a brilliant slice-of-life narration of incidents between two interesting characters who see things differently.

P.C. Joemon saw Mrs. Sheila Chacko enter the lift. She had recently become Sheila again; God bless dear Chacko’s soul. 

To Joemon, it looked like Mrs. Sheila Chacko was returning from her evening walk. He was used to calling her that in his mind. He decided to correct it.

Sheila Chacko had on her walking shoes, and also that tired-walk in which old women wobble on jittery knees swaying from one side to the other — a bit unsightly — but well Joemon was not yet as friendly with Mrs. Sheila Chacko, sorry Sheila Chacko, to tell her that.

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