December 8, 2023


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Book Review: Mandalas of Time by Malashri Lal

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Poet and Critic Gopal Lahiri reviews Malashri Lal’s poetry collection Mandalas of Time (Published by Hawakal Publishers, July 2023) calling the collection luminosity of healing in poetry.

  • ISBN:978-93-91431-99-0
  • Published by: Hawakal Publishers Private Limited, Kolkata/ New Delhi
  • Price: INR-500/-

Poetry often gives us access through a third-person centre of consciousness to a reader’s mind in a state of complete receptivity. In her debut collection of poems, Mandalas of Time the eminent academic, critic, and poet, Malashri Lal brings out the fire that feeds poetry and then carefully links this to the humane impulses of the lyrical narratives. In the hidden realm of our effective lives, her poems are curiously deep and renewing. And widen out the boundaries of our being and unite all living things into the true shades of poetic art.

In this impressive collection, there are seventy-five poems. These poems pour out in a torrent, poems that grieve, poems that celebrate and they are sustained by true depth of feeling. The journeys that the poet undertakes through history, myth, and lore are soft and nuanced in anguish and passages. She has an eye for sublime details in her narrative but also an instinct for subtle and profound storytelling.

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