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Sharing great writing of China

By Yang Yang

“We know Canadian contemporary literature much better than they know ours,” says Bai Ye, director of the China Contemporary Literature Study Association, at a recent forum in Beijing on cultural translation and studies.

Bai relates a story from about 10 years ago, when Liu Zhenyun, writer of I Didn’t Kill My Husband and The Cook, the Crook, and the Real Estate Tycoon, and Bai went to a literary event at a Confucius Institute in Canada.

Bai had a dialogue with a famous Canadian critic at the event. As they discussed Canadian literature, Bai gave examples of several authors that he liked. The Canadian critic, on the other hand, could not think of any Chinese writer that she read.

“She told me to wait and she would think of one that she really loved. She didn’t think of the name until we dined together later. It was Li Bai,” he says. Read more

Source: China Daily

Chinese novels make waves globally

By Xing Yi & Mei Jia

With many international awards, literary works from the mainland made a mark on the international stage last year. Xing Yi and Mei Jia report.

Chinese novels came of age in 2016 bagging many international awards, as in the case of children’s literature writer Cao Wenxuan winning the Hans Christian Andersen Award, Hao Jingfang taking the Hugo Award after Liu Cixin, the first Chinese winner of the award in 2015, and Wang Anyi grabbing the 2017 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature from The University of Oklahoma in September.

Veteran literary critic Meng Fanhua says 2016 was a big year for novels and he says that the power of Chinese stories come from the rural areas, “where we have the strongest literary traditions”.

Another veteran critic Bai Ye, who is with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, says that while traditional and established novel writers continue to produce works, younger writers who were born in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s are also gaining ground. Read more

Source: China Daily