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India: Hyderabad gets ready to welcome the season of Lit Fests

Forget about the heated debates on Bob Dylan’s winning the Nobel Prize, talk about the home grown crop of writers and the literary festivals they are invited to where you get to hear linguaphiles whip prose and poetry equally, later discussed over sandwiches whose grains define the topography you hail from and which literary figure you adore.

And you don’t need to travel to the oh-so-swooning lit fests like Berlin International Literature Festival or rush to London Literature Festival. Freeze your calender for that popular JLF in the kaleidoscopic city of Jaipur or our very own Hyderabad Lit Fest held in iconic Hyderabad Public School (HPS). Or better still pack your bags to silvery beaches of Goa and soak in to the brilliant sessions of writers from across the country. The season of lit fests begins and will be on till February 2017; so make the most of it. Check out from our listings: Read more

A glut of literature festivals in India?

It is important to have such festivals around the country because it gives everyone access to such events, says R Sriram in Forbes India

The literature section of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival happened in 2005. [KGAF is an annual festival in the Kala Ghoda area of South Mumbai.] I was asked by the organisers to curate it. KGAF was already in existence, but in public consciousness, it was more a street and performing arts fest. So we wanted the literature section to reflect that. It had to be accessible, open to all, multilingual (English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi among other languages), a hub of familiar as well as unfamiliar faces, a mix of modern and traditional authors. Read more