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Memories of the father: Book review of Ruskin Bond’s Looking For The Rainbow

bondIt is almost customary for Ruskin Bond to surprise his readers with a subtle reference to his childhood. The readers on the other hand – having devoured most of his works – tend to assume they know all about the life and time of this timeless writer. But every time you think you know all there is to know about the writer, who has been writing for well over six decades now, there is some new bit of trivia that he surprises you with.

The elegance with which he does so is perhaps what keeps us intrigued. What do we already know about Bond’s early days? That he did not have a very happy childhood, that his parents were separated and that he was often lonely. But one splendid year from Bond’s life escaped the public eye and his new book ‘Looking For The Rainbow’ that releases on his 83rd birthday on May 19, lays bare the sheer joy that the then eight-year-old boy experienced living with his father. Read more

Source: Hindustan Times