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Inner-city life, and the banal mystery that is other people

“Parade” by Suichi Yushida was originally published in Japan in 2002

Beautifully banal. Perhaps not the most positive-sounding turn of phrase, but the one that best summarizes the appeal of Shuichi Yoshida’s interwoven narrative of five young adults and their struggles living in an overcrowded Tokyo apartment.

Ryosuke Sugimoto is 21, finishing college and sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend. Mirai Soma, 24, splits her time unequally between frustrated artistic ambitions, running an imported-goods boutique and drinking her way around the trendiest gay bars. At 23, beautiful Kotomi Okochi is wasting her life sitting by the phone, waiting for a call from her pseudo-boyfriend and ignoring her clear symptoms of depression. Naoki Ihara, approaching 30, is the closest to a real adult, finally gaining some traction in his filmmaking career but is still in a weirdly codependent relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

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