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India: Renée Ranchan pens stories of life with a grain of salt in her latest book


It isn’t often that one comes across a book that picks up the mundane things of life and treats them with a depth that is surprising. However, author Renée Ranchan’s latest book does just that. Titled To Each With Love, the work is a collection of six short stories — of which some are long, that revolve around North India and have undercurrents of a satirical tone.

“The stories have their satirical moments, but there is also humour and varied emotions and feelings that find their place in the stories. When I was writing it, there was no defined direction or methodology that I followed. These are just things that I see or experience that have found their way in my works,” says Ranchan.

Her crisp portrayal of the daughter-in-law Vimla Jain and her family wishing for a son, the awkward Chander who turns street-savvy, a school teacher Lulla who is facing the demons of singledom, and a Kashmiri woman ruing her youthful days – Ranchan’s book gives place to all characters that one will come across in their routine lives. Read more