Today’s children want to burst into poetry: Ruskin Bond

New Delhi: Today’s youngsters are writing a lot of poetry to put their emotions into words unlike in the past when they liked to read and think, says iconic Indian storyteller of British origin Ruskin Bond.

“Children all want to burst into verse you might say. But they would write better poetry if they read more of it. I watch a lot of television; but I think more than television,” Ruskin Bond told IANS in an interview.

Children nowadays have their heads in the laptop and “can’t really do without it,” the storyteller added, pointing to the changing reading habits of children.

Bond’s new anthology of poetry, “Hip Hop Boys and Other Poems (Penguin-India)”, which was released last week, resurrects the vintage spirit of the poet’s lyrical snapshots from his home in Mussoorie and the neighbouring hills of Uttarakhand – for children.

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