Have story, write a book

When one has a lot views and news to share what do we do? Tell our friends. And in the era of social network sharing has become all the more easy and viable. But what do we do when there is more to share ‘than discovering the best place to shop’ or ‘voicing our opinion on the newly announced five-year imprisonment for calling names to people from the north-east? Write a book. Now authors are a plenty and from different walks of life.

Personal experiences can go beyond a paragraph, page or several pages, “that’s why I decided to get published. I write because I know I have a story to narrate and an interesting one at that. Writing is not just about putting your thought the way you like it. The thoughts when put in words should make readers draw a picture with every word,” says debutante author Sangeeta Bahadur. Sangeeta recently released her first book from a trilogy series. Named Jaal-Kaal1, the book, according to her tells a story of a new world altogether.

The list of debut authors is getting longer but how much is really read? “Some books are real trashy with the language and the story narration, whereas some make you smile and relate to circumstances or situation we might have faced on our day-to-day lives,” says Vivek Nair, a financial analyst. “But as long as I am not paying a heavy price, I might not complain much,” he adds.

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