Jonathan Franzen to attend Jaipur lit fest in 2014

FranzenAmerican novelist Jonathan Franzen will be attending next year’s Jaipur Literature Festival, India’s best known literary event.

According to a tweet by William Dalrymple, one of the festival’s directors, Franzen has already accepted the invitation to attend the event.

The 2014 DSC Jaipur Literature Festival, Asia-Pacific’s largest literary festival, will be for 5 days from 17-21 January in Jaipur, India.

Franzen, one of America’s most well-known novelists, has recently been in news for his forthcoming book, The Kraus Project Franzen’s translation of the work of Austrian essayist Karl Kraus, who looked with dismay upon the Europe of his day.

In an essay published this afternoon on the website of The Guardian, titled “What’s Wrong With the Modern World,” Franzen launches into a lengthy diatribe against contemporary American life.

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