Review: Rising Sun, Falling Shadow by Daniel Kalla

Marcia Kaye reviews the novel Rising Sun, Falling Shadow by Daniel Kalla in The Toronto Star

Rising SunSecond World War stories about Jews herded into ghettoes or hiding from persecution generally take place in Europe, so it’s intriguing that Vancouver novelist Daniel Kalla sets his tale in another locale entirely: Shanghai. This Chinese metropolis was one of the world’s largest and most multicultural cities even in the 1940s. Known as Paris of the East, it was full of Americans, Europeans and Russians, and was one of the last havens for Jewish refugees — until the Japanese army conquered the city and forced 20,000 Jews into the tiny, squalid ghetto of Hongkew.

In Rising Sun, Falling Shadow, Kalla takes us into this little-known piece of history — or, I should say, takes us back into it, for this is the second in a series that began with his bestselling The Far Side of the Sky in 2011. Here, the intrigue, medical drama and love stories continue.

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