There is a gender imbalance in the valuation of literature: Jonathan Franzen

Abhimanyu Arni interviews the American writer in the TOI

FranzenYou comment quite frequently about the power of bankers and the theme of financial corruption is present in your writing. Are you angry with the state of democracy in the West? 

You have elected representatives saying, ‘Let’s do this’ and the bankers come in and say ‘This is what we’re going to do’ and that’s what happens. What the bankers want is what we get. It goes against the very notion of national sovereignty, especially in Western Europe. 

In your debut novel, ‘The Twenty-Seventh City’ you write powerfully about the decline of St Louis. Do you think cities have personalities? 

All cities are ideas. What transcends the individual is the idea of that city and the idea of that city in the minds of its citizens. It’s related to geography and history though global monoculture is doing its best to destroy it.

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