KLF: Remember the forgotten province?

The early morning session on the third day of the Karachi Literature Festival —‘Baloch Literature and Landscape’ — highlighted the ignored riches of Balochistan, of its culture and heritage: The Tribune

To start things off, moderator Baela Raza Jamil revealed an unknown national treasure. “The Indus Civilisation didn’t start in Moen Jo Daro, it started in Mehargarh,” she said to the surprise of the audience. “What other country boasts a 9,000-year history?” The projector screen then showed a picture of an orange idol. “This is the Mata Hinglaj — Hingol National Park,” she said before giving context to the picture. “This is the place where the head of Parvati landed. It is one of the most revered Hindu temples in the world.”

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