Review: Idris by Anita Nair

In her latest novel ‘Idris’, Anita Nair takes us on an unforgettable journey through 17th century South India, laden with a magical narrative and beautiful descriptions, writes Monideepa Sahu: The Deccan Herald

Idris, a trader of Somali origin, embarks on an epic journey “seeking the measure of earth and man.” His tall, muscular body, dark-as-midnight skin and a jewelled eye of glittering gold set him physically apart from the rest of the world. His powerful personality is equally striking. This “eternal traveller” seems to need nothing, not even sleep. 
Idris comes across as “someone who couldn’t be tempted or bought, corrupted or convinced. All he needed was himself”. Self-realisation dawns on him in the course of his exciting travels. Idris does indeed need and seek something, the tastes, smells and loving touch of someone, someplace to anchor his restless spirit and call home.

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